Welcome to New Growth Counselling

 New Growth Counselling, located in Victoria, BC, offers a variety of client-centred, strengths-based, and trauma-informed counselling services for youth, adults of all abilities, and families.   

We can help you meet your therapeutic goals by creating a safe space to be you, facilitating the process of exploration, helping you to better understand and navigate the responses/symptoms you may be experiencing, offering therapeutic techniques to help heal and process past and current experiences, and equipping you with new tools to enhance connection to self and others.

Areas of Service

New Growth Counselling provides services for adults, youth, families experiencing a variety of issues, including:


- Anxious thoughts and responses
- Feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed
- Not feeling good enough
- Difficulty with sleep or waking
- Episodes of panic
- Feelings of hopelessness
- Feeling that nothing can help
- Finding it hard to get through the day
- Having a fear or phobia negatively impacting your life
- Not feeling like yourself
- Noticing (or consumed by) compulsive behaviours or thoughts
- Finding emotions hard to manage
- Experiencing rapid shifts in mood
- Feeling numb or not experiencing any feelings
- Habits that you feel are unhealthy/unhelpful
- Experienced or witnessed a traumatic event or events
- Feeling different after an overwhelming/traumatic experience
- Nightmares
- Intrusive thoughts
- Difficulty forming healthy relationships
- Experienced a loss
- Experiencing or anticipating a life transition
- Thoughts of injuring yourself
- Thoughts of ending your life
- Injuring yourself

- Looking for support for your child's emotions, moods, responses, and/or behaviours
- Looking for parenting support
- Finding it hard to parent the way you would like to
- Wanting to enhance harmony in your family

Areas of Practice

At New Growth Counselling we offer a blend of empirically-supported therapeutic practices. This means we can tailor our approach to you and your goals and you can be sure our therapies have been shown to be effective through research. Learn more about what we offer:

Play therapy

Play therapy takes place in a safe playroom and allows children, and some adults, to express their thoughts and emotions through play.  Play therapy provides a space to process emotions and can facilitate better communication, problem-solving skills, a relationships with others.  

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Contact Sara to learn more about Play Therapy and book a free consultation.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) is an integrative psychotherapy extensively researched and found effective in the treatment of trauma and many other mental health issues. 

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Contact Katherine to learn more about EMDR and book a free consultation. 


Trauma-informed counselling is a way of providing care and understanding our symptoms and responses. A trauma-informed counsellor understands that our behaviours are ways we have learned to cope from overwhelming, adverse, or neglectful experiences; they are not because something is wrong with us. The trauma-informed counsellor will use practices that promote safety, empowerment, and healing.


Client-centred therapy is a type of talk therapy in which the client is considered an expert of themselves. The client-centred therapist sees the client as unique and trusts in the client’s ability to make decisions and choices. The therapist helps facilitate the process of enhancing self-discovery, self-acceptance, and growth.

systems approach

A therapist who takes a systems approach understands that while we develop individual identities we are also attached to larger groups such as our families, community groups, and our society. Balancing between our needs and the needs of the group and adapting to changes in a group can be difficult and hard to manage. A systems approach in counselling considers and addresses factors outside the individual that may be contributing to one’s less than desirable behaviours, emotions, and/or responses. When working with youth and families, the therapist will consider the dynamics of the family when it comes to reducing symptomatology and enhancing family harmony.


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