About New Growth Counselling

At New Growth Counselling we strive to recognize individuals’ unique qualities, needs, and strengths so we can help facilitate lasting and significant changes from the roots up. We take a holistic approach to healing that is rooted in research and considers psychological, biological, and social factors; our minds, our physiology, and our environments.

We recognize that certain thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, responses, emotions, and/or physical sensations may be getting in the way of the life you want to live. As we navigate our childhood, life-experiences, and relationships our bodies and brains do their best to protect us and keep us connected to others. However, depending on our own unique situations, this process can get a bit off track and instead leave us feeling poorly, overwhelmed, hopeless, and/or disconnected in certain or all areas in our lives. We believe the process of healing and growth starts when we notice our responses and learn about how they may be trying to help us to adapt and survive.  They can signal us to areas that may require nurturing so we can heal and develop new strategies. As we process and integrate our old and new experiences new adaptive and helpful beliefs and responses can be formed.

Why New Growth?

We are called New Growth Counselling because we believe in the body's innate ability to heal and strive for growth just as a tiny greenling knows how to sprout forth from even the toughest conditions.  Counselling can help us heal and reconnect with these abilities: We can grow out of our past experiences.  Secondly, research confirms the plasticity of our brains. Our brains are able to rewire, regenerate, and adapt to our environments.  As we heal old wounds, undo maladaptive responses, and reconnect with ourselves and others new synaptic connections are formed and strengthened: New Growth.